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Pre-K Enrichment and STEM

Did You Know...?  Pre-K Enrichment has a STEM curriculum!
Have you heard about our new Pre-K before and after school enrichment program and wondered how we teach science, technology, engineering, and math to four year olds?

Our curriculum is based around each child’s natural sense of wonder and the inclination to ask questions about the world around them.  A perfect example is our Color Lab, where the students are given containers of dyed water, a dropper, and empty containers for mixing the colors together. This lesson covers the science of color, the math of counting and the technology of droppers and mixing.


Pre-K Enrichment is Uniquely Fun!

Did You Know…?  Our Pre-Kindergarten Enrichment is one-of-a-kind!

With our collection of natural science resources, students in MDM's Pre-K Enrichment will have the opportunity to:
* Feed a bearded dragon
* Touch a real elephant ear and foot
* Learn about paleontology by excavating in our Dig Pit
* Release salmon into the stream and learn about Bangor ecosystems
* Explore what baleen feels like
* Experiment with plants by creating an indoor greenhouse
Find our more about Pre-K Enrichment online.

Maine Discovery Museum in the heart of downtown Bangor, Maine is loaded with hands-on, creative kids' activities! Looking for things to do with children? Maine Discovery Museum is a great place to find things to do with kids of all ages!