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Amazing Animals


We have some amazing friends here at MDM and we can't wait for you to meet them!

MDM’s small collection of live animals is always on display and lets kids get up close with turtles, geckos, bearded dragons, snakes, and more.  Watch the animals explore their habitats, search for food, bask, doze, eat, or drink.

Did you know...?  All of our animals are rescues!

Join us for animal time and you'll be able to see these animals up close!  

Meet our friends!
Bearded Dragon

Milk Snake

Stick Bugs

Can you tell our geckos apart?  Check out their amazing feet here!

Cha Cha the Leopard Gecko

 Did you know...?  Check out leopard gecko facts here.
Freddy the Crested Gecko
 Did you know...?  Check out crested gecko facts here.

Did you know...?  Check out turtle facts here.
         Painted Turtle

         Spotted Turtle (a very rare turtle - the only captive one in Maine!)

New animals arrive often - come see who's at MDM today!

These animals teach kids about responsible pet keeping, environmental issues, respecting nature and the great diversity of animals.  Creatures of all kinds are lovable - and worth protecting and cherishing.

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