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Dino Dig

Can you dig it?  Yes, you can in Dino Dig on our third floor!

Follow the fossil footprints to Maine Discovery Museum’s newest exhibit: DINO DIG!  What creatures left tracks like that? What did these animals look like? What do their bones look like now?

Based on paleontology, the study of prehistoric life, DINO DIG gives visitors a glimpse into the work of a paleontologist.

Dig for dinosaur bone replicas that are true in size and color in our sand-filled Dig Pit!  Once you've dug them up, determine their dinosaur of origin at our Exploration Stations.

Reconstruct a full dinosaur skeleton or find places in Maine where fossils abound.

Read about dinosaurs or study their feeding habits.  Play with model dinosaurs and ancient plants or study the real fossils we have on display.  Even dress as a paleontologist or dinosaur!

Learn about fossil hunting here in Maine by clicking here, or about living fossils by clicking here.

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