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Fossil Hunting in Maine

Could I really find a dinosaur buried in my back yard?

Well, almost. Fossils form only in specific areas and, as far as we know, there is no trace of dinosaur fossils in Maine.  But there are lots of fossils left from other cool animals that are even older than dinosaurs!

Organisms (living plants or animals) such as coral, snails and brachiopods are just a few of those that can be found in Maine.  Most often, fossils are found in a certain type of rock called sedimentary rock (like lime or sandstone). This type of rock is formed after years and years, when many layers of sediment have been packed together.

Sometimes animals are buried within that sediment and their bones (or other hard parts of the organism) are compacted to become part of the rock.  Soft parts like skin, tentacles, or muscles are rarely preserved.  Over many years, part of the rock may be weathered away and the bone, which has become fossil, is now exposed.

If you would like to get started on your fossil hunt, view the map of Maine for local fossil hunting locations.

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