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Why is it important to talk with your young child?

Talk with young children under three years old as much as possible! Even if your baby can’t talk back, every new word and positive interaction helps your baby’s language and literacy development. In the first three years of life, your baby’s brain will triple in size! The brain develops as your baby interact with the world and research has shown that talking with children in their first three years of life builds the foundation needed for future language and reading success.
Below are some examples of activities you can do with your child to encourage his or her language development, as well as some additional resources.

Activities and Games
Here are some every day examples of things you can do with your baby to help build their language skills.

Additional resources
Literacy for ME Maine's state literacy plan  
Read to ME Campaign The Read to ME Challenge is a month-long public awareness campaign to promote childhood literacy in Maine
Raising Readers Raising Readers promotes early childhood literacy and a love of reading by giving books to Maine children at birth and at well child visits through age five
Reading BrightStart Additional at home activities
Reading Rockets Information and resources on how young kids learn to read, why so many struggle, and how caring adults can help
Talk with Me Baby Why talking matters
Reading Rockets Tips and activities for parents as well as research
ASHA  More activity ideas for parents
NAEYC 12 Ways to Support Language Development for Infants and Toddlers
Hanen Centre Tips and resources for parents

Here are some links to helpful videos modeling some of the techniques listed in the activities and giving additional information.
"Say what you see" method, similar to spotscasting, with examples for younger and older infants
Another "Say what you see" example
Connecting and Communicating examples of opportunities to talk with your toddler
Developmental Milestones: Baby Talk from First Sounds to First Words