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Younger Infants (Birth to 8 months old)

Here are some examples of the types of things you can do to talk with your young infant to help promote language development:
  • During “tummy time” lie down on the floor with your baby and describe out loud what you can see, smell, and hear from your baby’s point of view.
  • Read wordless picture books with your child, these are an open ended reading experience; since there are no words you can make up a story based on the illustrations or simply describe and talk about the illustrations.
  • Talk about shapes. Gather several of your baby’s toys that have defined shapes like a ball, block, teething ring, etc. Feel the objects with your baby and talk about what the shape is, what it feels like, and what makes it that shape.
  • Take turns when talking to your baby, mimicking a conversation. Around 6 month old, babies will “take turns” talking with you. When you say something, give your baby a chance to coo or babble back at you.
  • Think of yourself as a sportscaster and describe everything your baby does when playing together or doing a familiar routine. You can just talk about what your baby is doing and you can also add your own thoughts. It may feel silly at first, but you are exposing your baby to a variety of new words every day when you do!