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April Vacation Camp

What's in Store?

Supervised play and discovery, special activities and care from our expert staff all day!

Dates: April Vacation Week 2017
Monday, April 17- Friday, April 21

Time: 8am - 4:00pm

Ages: 5-12

Cost: $50 per child per day for non-members
          $45 per child per day for members
          Payment is due at time of booking.

Morning snack provided, please bring your own lunch and afternoon snack.

Pre-registration required and space is limited, so sign up early!  
Visit to register online. 

Monday, April 17: Good to Grow!
What do sunflowers, water bug larvae, chicken eggs, germ colonies and salt crystals have in common? They grow! Do all plants grow in dirt? What food do bones need to grow stronger? Are bugs good parents? We’ll set up hydro gardens, mini green houses, make wildflower “bombs” to help butterflies and go outside (weather permitting) to explore the many ways nature grows all around us!
Tuesday, April 18: Under Construction!
Do you enjoy dreaming up impossible bridges, castles, towers or even a whole little village? Experiment with tension, balance, proportions, scale and geometry as you design, invent, and build. We have the wood, rocks, cardboard, clay and recyclables, you bring your imagination!
Wednesday, April 19: Candy Chemistry!
Candy and chemistry come together as we explore sugar crystal formation, make chocolate play dough, build sugar cube castles and watch honeycomb caramel crackle. We’ll examine the good, bad and in-between sides of all things sweet and cook up some special treats to take home. Don a chef’s hat, lab coat, & safety goggles, and whip up some delicious and unusual sweeties.
Thursday, April 20: Taking Flight!
How do birds, butterflies, balloons, huge airplanes and rockets fly so high? Be an aeronautical engineer in this gravity-defying day!  Make parachute people, paper rockets, gliders and wings. Explore how to use updrafts and crosswinds and let your creations take flight
Friday, April 21: What a Zoo!
Do you love animals? This camp is for you! Meet creatures from far-away places and our own back yards. Help us take care of our museum critters for a day. Touch and examine pelts, mounts, claws, bones, teeth and even scat! Make wild snacks for the animals and a toy for a mouse. Find out what it’s like to have a mini zoo of not-so-cuddly creatures and invent a new animal friend.

Policies: Children may sign up a day at a time or the whole week.  Payment is due at time of registration. There are no refunds for last minute cancellations. 

Late Fees: MDM reserves the right to charge a late pick-up fee of $5/quarter hour 

Please read our Vacation-Camp-Parent-Handbook-2017.pdf before the start of camp. If you have not already done so, please fill out a Vacation-Camp-Medical-Permission-2017.pdf .

Thank You!



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