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Pre-K Enrichment and Downtown Bangor

Did You Know...?  Pre-K Enrichment explores all of Downtown Bangor!
We have some amazing resources around us that will enrich our curriculum with walking field trips to see the science all around us right here in Downtown Bangor!

We could visit the Friars’ Bakehouse to learn about the science of baking bread.  We could explore the rooftop garden at the Hammond Street Senior Center.  We could walk to the Rock and Art Shop to learn about how minerals are formed and have a demonstration in cracking geodes.  There's Too Much Fun to be had - all over town!


Pre-K Enrichment is more than science...
Did You Know…?  Pre-K Enrichment means art, music and play, too!

Our Pre-K before and after school enrichment program goes beyond just math and science.  The program is heavily focused on STEM education, but we believe in a whole child approach to learning.

Our curriculum includes a music blocks where students will make their own instruments and learn about the science of sound.  We also have a “Kids in Motion” block every week which is a kinesthetic play time to practice gross motor coordination and learn about exercising and staying active.  Art activities are part of the daily fun, too!

Find our more about Pre-K Enrichment online.

Maine Discovery Museum in the heart of downtown Bangor, Maine is loaded with hands-on, creative kids' activities! Looking for things to do with children? Maine Discovery Museum is a great place to find things to do with kids of all ages!