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10 Years of Fun - and Many More to Come!

Maine's largest children's museum is proud to announce "10 Years and Growing Stronger," a campaign to raise $1.75 million and surpass 1,000 members.

The 10th anniversary campaign will provide the resources to:

  • Refresh and replace exhibits
  • Improve technology, marketing and fund development
  • Secure debt-free ownership of the museum's home in the Freese's building
  • Position the museum for the future through endowment
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Ten years and 700,000 visitors later, Maine Discovery Museum is a success!

The value of the children's museum is greater than ever.  Economic pressures on families are greater now than 10 years ago, and quality family time is more precious than ever.  Maine Discovery Museum is the place where families from every walk of life come to spend time with their children, away from worries and free to discover.  

Our children live in a world of virtual experiences, tuned into electronic devices and hemmed in by fears for their safety.  For children, Maine Discovery Museum is a "real" world, with real objects and environments, where they can climb and build, play the part of ship captain, architect, chef, musician, or doctor.  The children set the pace, choose the activity, stretch their bodies and their imaginations, and create their own stories.

As we celebrate the milestone of a tenth anniversary, we must protect the original intent of the museum: to educate children and families, encourage creativity, nurture a sense of wonder, and to challenge all to learn in new and innovative ways.

Please consider joining us in renewing and redefining the museum's role in our Maine community.  Contact Niles Parker, Executive Director, at 207.262.7200 ext. 101 for more information about the campaign and gift options or give a gift now online.

The Maine Discovery Museum is loaded with kids' activities! Looking for things to do with children? The Maine Discovery Museum is a great place to find things to do with kids of all ages!